About Us: Flippin’ Fresh Seafood


Mission Statement

Flippin' Fresh Seafood strives to provide the highest possible quality seafood each and every time you drop by one of our trailers no matter what time of day, week or year you can expect the same quality, in the same place & same time every week with the same great range.




Flippin' Fresh Seafood Pty. Ltd. is all about supplying fresh Australian Seafood to regional markets. We pride ourselves in the quality of our product and challenge anyone to try our product against our competitors.

Flippin' Fresh endeavours to provide a largest range of fresh Australian Seafood and value-added products to a previously poorly supplied market, in non-metropolitan areas.

To achieve this aim, we have sourced several suppliers that we deal with on a regular basis. Quality and consistent supply is a challenge which we have approached by employing specific buyers, and creating our own freight system with several alternatives, giving us greater flexibility.  Our suppliers are aware that any inferior product will not be accepted at any time and we will actively source alternatives when necessary.

We also supply restaurants, caterers etc. On a regular basis and offer a wide variety of products that suit the needs of the buyer. Special orders can be placed with any franchisee at any time and we will endeavour to provide any specialized products requested.

Flippin fresh are always aiming to bring new products to our customers and are constantly working with our suppliers to do this.

Flippin' Fresh Seafood

 Are the people to talk to in seafood, binging you premium quality seafood everyday!