Christmas is coming around fast and at Flippin' Fresh Seafood we always strive to deliver you the best and freshest quality seafood available and we believe that Christmas should be no different. If you are looking forward to a seafood Christmas then it is important that you place an order with us as soon as possible, that way you will have one less thing to worry about and it will mean that you have locked in the freshest possible seafood for your Christmas.


It is very easy to place an order with us at Flippin' Fresh Seafood, there is two main methods, the first is via visiting one of our trailers and placing the order in person. This method will require you to fill out an order form below, in order to speed the process up you can print off an order sheet and fill it out before visiting your preferred trailer. The second method is to submit the form via email this will allow you to place an order from home (see below for details).


Below are the links to download the order form, please select the trailer you wish to pick up from, if you do not know where our trailers will be, you can see where our trailers are by clicking one of the following: WodongaYarrawonga or Albury this will take you to the chosen trailers weekly times and locations (we will be releasing Christmas delivery times and locations shortly). 

Wodonga Christmas Order Form
Yarrawonga Christmas Order Form
- Albury Christmas Order Form

If you are planning to submit an order via email, here are the steps that are involved.

  1. Once you have filled out an order form (above), double check that you have the right form for the trailer you wish to pick up from and that you have ordered what you are after. Once this is done you can click below to open your email software, or copy the email address from the top of the order sheet, attach the order form to the email. If you have any queries please include them in the email and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

    - Wodonga (Neville Green)
    Yarrawonga (Ron Seddon)
    Albury (Pat Turner)

  2. Once your email has been sent, the operator of the selected trailer will get back to you within 1 - 2 working days with an order number to confirm the order has been placed. Please keep this order number as you will need it when you pick up your order at the time and place selected. If you do not hear back from us within 3 days of submitting your order please contact the respective trailer operator.

  3. On the day of pickup please bring your order number to the trailer this will speed up the retreval of your order. Please note, after the 22ed of December you will not be able to change your order. 



Seafood is a fresh product and therefor prices fluctuate everyday, any quotes that are given are only a guide to the final price.

Don't forget that we also do seafood platters that are great for a work break up party or function, just contact your local trailer for details.

The Christmas trading hours for each trailer will be released shortly, for more information you can contact one of our operators using the information provided in the 'Locate a trailer' Section of this website.